VL Data & Knowledge Engineering

TitleData & Knowledge Engineering
Weekly hours2 SSt. (3 ECTS)
ObjectivesStudents know the architecture, functionality and characteristics of database systems, web-based information systems, and knowledge-based systems and their typical application areas. They are familiar with methods and techniques of data and knowledge engineering and know distributed, temporal and object-oriented concepts to design database systems. They are able to handle the exemplary application of object-relational database systems as well as basic techniques of data warehousing and data mining. They are familiar with concepts and methods of knowledge-based systems and know typical application areas as ontologies for the semantic web and business rule engines.
  • Functionality of database management systems: concurrency control, recovery
  • Database technologies: distributed database systems, object-oriented database systems, temporal database systems
  • Data management and knowledge processing: methods of knowledge representation, ontologies, business rule engines, data warehousing, data mining
  • Web data management: architecture of web-based information systems, web query languages, web data maintenance, semantic web