A Case Study in Object-Oriented Modelling

W. Eder, G. Kappel, J. Overbeck, M. Schrefl
Technical Report
TRE9201 (September, 1992)
(= Re-Engineering a Non Object-Oriented System with Object-Oriented Methods) Technical Report, Institute of Statistics and Computer Science, University of Vienna, September 1992


Several methods for object-oriented system development have been published by the scientific community. Recently, industrial software developers are also attracted by the object-oriented paradigm and consider switching from structured analysis and structured design to an object-oriented approach to system development. A question commonly asked by industry is, how both approaches compare on industrial applications. To investigate on this issue, a case study has been undertaken. A configuration management system, which had originally been developed following the structured analysis and design approach in an industrial environment, has been re-developed using an object-oriented modeling technique. The paper gives an overview of the object-oriented analysis, the object-oriented design, and the object-oriented implementation. It discusses the main lessons learned by the case study.