SlotMachine - A Privacy-preserving Marketplace for Slot Management

T. Lorünser, C. Schütz, E. Gringinger
Schu21c (2021)
ERCIM News, Vol. 126, Special Issue on Privacy Preserving Computation, July 2021, ERCIM EEIG (, ISSN 0926-4981, 2 pages, 2021.

Abstract (English)

To enable more efficient management of airport departure and landing slots, SlotMachine envisions a new kind of marketplace in air traffic management. The platform will enable a more flexible, fast and scalable semi-automated flight prioritisation process for airlines in a fair and trustworthy way. Built with a privacy-first approach it will protect sensitive airline data from competitors and airport operators but fully unleash the potential of inter-airline slot swapping.

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