Design, Management, and Customization of Data Analysis Reference Models Using Indyco Builder and XQuery

C. Schütz, I. Spörl, M. Schrefl
Schu16a (2016)
Proceedings of 20th IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference - Workshops and Demonstrations, September 5-9, 2016, Vienna, Austria, 2016.
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Abstract (English)

The design and implementation of analytical information systems requires both technical expertise and domain knowledge, the complexity of which often deters small and medium-sized enterprises from adopting business intelligence (BI) technology. Reference models for data analysis consist of domain-specific best-practice multidimensional models and greatly facilitate the development of analytical information systems. Definitions of business ratios, business terms, and frequent analysis situations are valuable additions to data analysis reference models which further lower the barriers that inhibit non-experts from using BI technology. Companies may then customize reference models to their specific needs. We demonstrate an approach which allows BI consultants, in collaboration with non-experts in BI technology, to employ off-the-shelf software for the design, management, and customization of data analysis reference models. We adopt Indyco Builder, a visual editor for dimensional fact models, for multidimensional reference modeling and provide a set of XQuery modules for the management and customization of the authored reference models.