Integration and Reuse of Heterogeneous Information: Hetero-Homogeneous Data Warehouse Modeling in the Common Warehouse Metamodel

C. Schütz, B. Neumayr, M. Schrefl
Schu12a (2012)
Proceedings of the 18th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2012), Seattle, Washington, August 9-11, 2012.
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The corporate data warehouse integrates data from various operational data stores of a company. These operational data stores may be heterogeneous with respect to the represented information. The hetero-homogeneous data warehouse modeling approach overcomes issues associated with the integration of heterogeneous information from the operational data stores by featuring a generally homogeneous schema which may be interspersed with heterogeneities in well-defined portions of the data. In order to leverage the capabilities of existing business intelligence (BI) tools for the analysis of hetero-homogeneous information, the schema must comply with the metamodel of the particular BI tool. The Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) is a standard for data warehouse metadata which facilitates the reuse of data across multiple BI tools. In this paper, we present guidelines for modeling hetero-homogeneous data warehouses in the CWM. We demonstrate feasibility with a proof-of-concept prototype for the model-driven implementation of hetero-homogeneous data warehouses.