Creating an ATC knowledge graph in support of the artificial situational awareness system

M. Schrefl, B. Neumayr, S. Gruber, M. Hartmann, I. Tukaric, T. Radisic
Schr22a (2022)
Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "The Science and Development of transport" (ZIRP 2022), September 28-30, 2022, Sibenik, Croatia, Published in journal: Transportation Research Procedia (64), Edited by Marjana Petrovic, Irina Dovbischuk and André Luiz Cunha, Volume 64, Elsevier Publ., doi:, pp. 328-336, 2022
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Kurzfassung (Englisch)

Automation has been recognized as a possible solution for increasing air traffic controller workload trends. This paper presents a methodology for creating an air traffic control knowledge graph, which is used as part of a hybrid artificial intelligence system for air traffic control operations. The system combines machine learning and symbolic reasoning with the purpose of achieving artificial situational awareness in a narrow domain of en-route air traffic control operations. This approach allows the use of user-defined knowledge alongside existing knowledge repositories. The novel knowledge graph development methodology is universal for any area of air traffic management which relies on the aeronautical information exchange models. In this paper we also present the open-source tools which were developed to make this approach possible and system performance evaluations. Future work should address achieving real-time operation and additional task automation, accompanied by appropriate ontology and graph expansion.