Level-Aware Ecosystem Transformations for Industrial Lifecycle Interoperability

M. Selway, M. Stumptner, M. Schrefl, A. Jordan
Schr17b (2017)
Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2017), November 6-9, 2017, Valencia, Spain, Springer Verlag, Print ISBN 978-3-319-69903-5, Online ISBN 978-3-319-69904-2, pp. 173-181, 2017.
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Abstract (English)

Interoperability between heterogeneous software ecosystems at increasing scale remains a major challenge. The automated translation of data between the data models and languages built around social or de facto standards is best addressed using model-driven engineering techniques, but requires handling both data and multiple levels of metadata within a single model. In this paper we demonstrate the use of the SLICER multi-level modelling framework as the basis for creating conceptual and executable mappings between diverse data and metadata across multiple levels. We show how an interoperability designer can abstract from the details of specific models, enrich them with SLICER semantics, and develop mappings between them. We present a case study in the industrial plant engineering domain to map plant information for lifecycle information management, demonstrating how the methodology produces alignment across highly heterogeneous standards.

Keywords: Metamodelling, Conceptual models, multilevel modelling, Ecosystem Interoperability