Observation Consistent Integration of Business Processes

G. Preuner, M. Schrefl
Preu98a (1998)
C. McDonald (ed.): Database Systems '98, Proceedings of the 9th Australasian Database Conference (ADC '98), Perth, Australia, February 1998, Australian Computer Science Communications, Vol. 20, No. 2., Springer Verlag, ISBN 981-3083-91-3, pp. 201-212, 1998.
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The need to integrate independently developed business processes arises frequently today. After merges or acquisitions of enterprises, business processes of the formerly independent enterprises will often remain unchanged for some time, while the joint management expects to be provided an integrated global view on the processing states of business cases in both enterprises.

The problem is well known and has been treated mainly for the integration of data in the field of federated database systems. This paper examines the integration of business processes in the framework of behavior diagrams, which represent the life cycle of business objects by activities and states corresponding to transitions and places of Petri nets.