Domain object hierarchies inducing multi-level models

B. Neumayr, M. Schrefl
Neum22a (2022)
Journal Software and Systems Modelling (SoSyM), Springer Nature Verlag, Vol. 21, No. 2, März 2022 pp. 587-621, DOI:, Journal First Presentation at Models-Conference, 2022.
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Abstract (English)

Conceptual modeling of domain object hierarchies, such as product hierarchies or organization hierarchies, is difficult due to the intricate nature of nonphysical domain objects organized in such hierarchies. Modeling domain object hierarchies as part-whole hierarchies covers their hierarchical structure, yet to capture their meaning, part-whole hierarchies have to be combined with specialization and multi-level instantiation. To this end we introduce the deep domain object (DDO) multi-level modeling pattern and approach. With the DDO approach, subclasses and metaclasses are induced by and integrated with the part-whole hierarchy. The approach is aligned with the multi-level theory (MLT) and formalized by a metamodel and a set of deductive rules implemented in F-Logic. The proof-of-concept prototype is used for automated application of the pattern and for querying induced multi-level models.

Keywords: Conceptual modeling, Multi-level modeling, Metamodeling, Part-whole, Generalization, Abstraction, Concretization