Federated Data Warehouses

S. Berger, M. Schrefl
Berg09a (2009)
Nguyen Manh Tho (Ed.): Complex Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery for Advanced Retrieval Development: Innovative Methods and Applications, IGI Publishing, Hershey, PA, ISBN 978-1605667485, pp. 82-107, July 2009.
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Federated Data Warehouses are a collection of autonomous and often heterogeneous Data Marts (DM). When attemping to integrate autonomous DMs, data designers commonly face numerous conflicts that must be repaired. This book chapter analyzes and classifies the conflicts at the schema and instance level among dimensions and cubes in a systematic way, based on a formal data model. It shows the dependencies between dimension and cube integration and presents a methodological DM integration approach. A running example demonstrates how to repair the various heterogeneities. Moreover, the chapter introduces a Federated DW reference architecture enabling tightly coupled integration of autonomous DMs.