Entwicklung eines visuellen Integrationstools für das Design föderierter Data Warehouse Schemata

P. Schweinzer
Master Thesis
MT1105 (November, 2011)
Supervised by
o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Schrefl
Instructed by
Dr. Stefan Berger
Accomplished at
University Linz, Institute of Business Informatics - Data & Knowledge Engineering

Abstract (English)

Mergers and acquisitions between companies cause problems for companywide analysis of data. One of these problems is the potential inconsistency between the different schemas of the companies. Federated data warehouses offer functionality to eliminate these problems. They offer a combination of autonomous data warehouses to a federated data warehouse. This way it is possible to create requests on a federated system which delegates the requests to the autonomous data warehouses.
The topic of this thesis is the development of a visual integration tool that makes it possible to integrate schemata of autonomous data warehouses into the global schema of a federated data ware house. This thesis is part of a complete system which helps to build a federated data warehouse and which is able to handle SQL MDi (SQL for Multi-Dimensional Integration) requests.

The theory of data warehousing in general, the theory of federated systems and schema integration are also explained in this thesis.