pModeler: A System for Semantic Process Model Analysis

Project duration
January 2004 - January 2009
Project type
PhD Thesis Project  ( Andreas Bögl )

Short description
Business process modeling is a challenging, complex and time-intensive task which is compareable to hypertext or software design activities. Available commercial design tools lack from reuse support with respect to the employment of well-proven design decisions (best practices). Objective of the pModeler project is to identify process patterns in a set of similar process models to support the process design method "Pattern-driven Process-design". The application of patterns in process modeling is motivated by the "Design by Reuse" paradigma, which is well known from the proven software engineering pattern concept. The design of new process models is guided by conversational case-based reasoning (CBR) techniques. Thus, pModeler combines the process pattern management approach with CBR-techniques in its’ process model lifecycle.

Project partners
Siemens AG

Project team
Andreas Bögl (DKE)